Direct Primary Care  

Why DPC?

     Direct Primary Care means your general practitioner/family doctor/internist has a practice that does not submit any claims to insurance companies. This allows doctors to spend more time with their patients which translates very quickly to better communication and healthcare. I have changed to a DPC practice because I believe that insurance is best used for emergencies, unforeseen medical problems, specialist care, and hospitalizations, but not for primary care. Your primary care doctor should be available when you need him or her and should be able to communicate with you in the office, on the phone, via email, via text, or in any manner that delivers the best care in an efficient and effective way. Unfortunately, being in contract with insurance companies greatly impedes this process which could otherwise be fairly simple and straightforward.  I know that the DPC model is a better way to take care of people, and frankly, that is the point after all.